Aruna Shields is a British model turned actress. She hit the screens with her bold personality and exceptional looks.


Her earlier works began in theatres, and she later completed a scholarship in a boarding school and soon gained noticeable success as a graduate from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.


Aruna achieved stardom in 2010 after an exceptional lead performance in a Bollywood action thriller Prince. Highlighted for her raw acting talent casting director Jacques Malaterre selected Aruna for the lead role in French epic adventure The Last Hunter (2010).


The bold actress was soon heading towards a great success in British and Indian cinema. According to Google, in 2010, Aruna was the number one most desirable actress in internet queries from India.


She had won the award in 2008 for appearing for Lynx Blow. She also won her award for a winning stage performance Talk of the Town. She also appeared for Pantene PRO V and many BBC television documentaries and series.

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