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The latest scoop on the AR Rahman Jai Ho Concert!

Published on: Thursday, 15th July 2010 12:52 PM     By      Sanjeela Pahl

AR Rahman Jai Ho Concert


AR Rahman at the press conference in London

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All of you ‘Rahmaniacs’ will be pleased to know that AR Rahman attended a press conference in Central London on Tuesday to promote his new concert: The Journey Home World Tour 2010.


The music director, singer and composer, also known as the ‘Mozart of Asia’ will be starting his tour in New York and then will move on to sixteen major cities worldwide.


His concerts are said to be a mix of eastern and western music. He calls it a “new experiment” as he uses his 18 years of experience to create something unique for us. He will incorporate Tamil songs, with his Hindi ones along with western compositions while adding an eastern influence.


This may seem like a lot of work but AR Rahman told us that he would not want to do anything else. “I’m satisfied with my music. I wouldn’t get this same love anywhere else”. It’s great to know we can rely on him to keep creating new compositions for his worldwide fans!


You may wonder then, how he manages to keep creating original tracks, what is secret for finding inspiration? He told 's Celebrity Reporter Sanjeela Pahl, exclusively that it consists of a number of things, “there is not one way to handle it, one way doesn’t always work”. For example, the script and filmmaker could motivate him. By finding out other people’s visions about how they would like the song to be, he can compose music according to their ideas. He is also inspired by nature; everything around him could influence him in how he writes his music.


When asked what his thoughts were on the UK Asian music scene, he said “they are more forward. However India is changing too now”. After the successful movie ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ his audience became wider thanks to his hit song ‘Jai Ho’. Now he has to be “more careful, original and perfect – there is more pressure on that now”. Hopefully we won’t be disappointed then when his tour reaches our doorstep.


He is performing in the UK on 23rd – 25th July, starting from Birmingham and then moving down to London to perform at the O2 and Wembley Arena. We will all be waiting in anticipation to find out what new tunes he has in store for us.

Do you like AR Rahman's Music? Are you a big fan? What do you think of his earlier bollywood music from Dil Se and Bombay or his later music from Slumdog Millionaire? Share your thoughts!