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Single ladies, put your hands up!

Published on: Wednesday, 28th July 2010 18:09 PM     By      Divya Patel

Hands up those of you out there suffering with wedding fatigue?  Not sure what it is? Then read through the following symptoms to see if they sound familiar:

-          Do you feel like you’ve spent every weekend this summer so far in the company of your mum, gran and various auntie-jis?

-          Do you feel like you’ve repeated your life/career/education story a zillion times already to these various auntie-jis?

-          Have you had to forfeit Saturday nights out because you know you have to get up early on Sunday to put a full face of make-up on and make your hair look its best?

-          Could you quite happily NEVER wear a sari/salwar again?

-          And are you sitting there reading this right now thinking, ‘what was the point of all that’?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to all of the above, then sorry, but you do indeed have wedding fatigue. And the prognosis isn’t good because you still have the rest of summer to go. That’s a summer full of dragging yourself to yet another wedding, to eat yet another bunch of traditional food (when all you’re craving is a pizza) which means yet another load of weekends when you’re not out having fun, fun, fun.


For us single girls, attending a wedding has the potential to provide us with some boy-toy fun. But that’s usually all that it is...just potential.  Because while the girls get all dolled up and make an appearance, the eligible boys stay at home (wisely) in the confidence that some meddling auntie will return with a phone number or two for them. The whole process turns into blind dating and it’s not very discreet either.

So here at we’ve come up with a happy solution. One that gives you some control, one that allows you to scope out a guy via his profile and one that doesn’t cost you a fortune every month.

Our folks can register our single status at the local temple with the priest's assistant just like you advertise a flatshare at a newsagents. That is so 18th century. The Asian Matrimonial Section is FREE for a limited time and in future will only cost £2 for a month. The profile then gets viewed by thousands of interested people for the whole month. It’s the only decent subscription free service out there in the middle of all those cheesy and pretentious online or speed dating sites.

So make a profile, add a bunch of photos (remember to show your smiling self clearly!) and wait for the guys to get in touch. Oh what the heck, we’re modern women... there’s nothing wrong in a girl contacting a guy first! Go on, make his day!

Here’s the link à

Author :  Divya Patel (on panel –