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Asian women among perfectly dressed list

Published on: Wednesday, 25th August 2010 09:55 AM     By      Admin Team

10 'Perfectly' Dressed Women


Every year the celebrities are excited to see who made it on the list over the best dressed women. Victoria Beckham and Sarah Jessica Parker are usually to be found on these lists, but this year the list is a bit different.



10. Kareena Kapoor


She is named one of the best dressed women in Bollywood, barely making it to number 10 right before Katrina Kaif. The competition between the actresses of Bollywood is far from over, so we will see who stays on the list next year. This year, Kareena Kapoor is number 10.




9. Dita Von Teese


Even though she makes a living from taking off her clothes, Dita Von Teese sure knows what to put on. The burlesque dancer is often to be seen at fashion shows in the big cities, and if you ever see her dressed down I dare to say you will be the first.




8. Drew Barrymore



It took a lot of time and energy before Drew Barrymore managed to change her reputation from a half decent actress with a crazy life style to a wanted actress with a great sense in men and fashion. She is currently back with Justin Long, and is often to be seen in the latest fashion trends.



7. Blake Lively


Another newcomer on the list is Blake Lively, most known for her part as Serena in Gossip Girl. Her name has been mentioned a lot of times in connection with fashion, and this will definitely not be the last time she will be seen on a best dressed list.



6. Emma Watson


Emma Watson is the youngest on the list and while she is known for her part as Hermoine Granger in the Harry Potter movies, she is now starting to be recognised for other things too. Her sense of fashion has been adored by both Elle and Vogue, and I can definitely see why.


5. Shilpa Shetty


Another Bollywood beauty has made it on the list, not necessarily because of her fashion sense, but how she makes every outfit her own. Shilpa Shetty might be mostly known for her rows with Jade Goody, but her original sense of fashion is nothing but great.



4. Kate Moss


It would be nothing but wrong to leave out Kate Moss from a best dressed list. To some it might be a bit tiring seeing her name on these lists every year, but there is a reason why she is there. Outdated model or not – Kate Moss can definitely dress.


3. Freida Pinto


Not only is she stunningly beautiful, but Freida Pinto does well in the world of fashion, too. Her big success in Bollywood has been picked up from Hollywood, and it won’t be long till we can see more of her internationally. We are looking forward to it.


2. Cheryl Cole


Her role in Idol has definitely made it easier for her to stay in the spotlight, and her success with Girls Aloud doesn’t have what I would call a negative effect.



1. Alexa Chung


It might not be very surprising that Alexa Chung tops the list, with her unique and personal style which has inspired many women across the world.

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